Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fire alarm box

It is a device used to notify the fire department. Some see them as outdated since everyone uses a cell phone these days. However in case of a disaster, power might be out, phone services might be broken and then such alarm box is quite useful.
Interestingly enough such boxes don't seem to be in every city of the US. I just found a online list of cities with operating box alarm systems. The list is not that long and San Francisco is one of them.


  1. Wonderful pictures on your blog. We spent four beautiful days in San Fran last month and enjoyed it immensley. Keep up to good work.

  2. Fire alarm is very important at home, in buildings and establishments. There are many kinds of alarm today. There are alarms that can contact fire department, paramedics and police department immediately by just touching the button. Fire alarm system is there to protect us and our investments.

  3. I guess it's sort of like a step into the past. If it's not getting in the way of anyone I don't see the point of having it removed. Like you say, there might be a time when it's called into action, but hopefully it will never have to be used.

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