Thursday, March 4, 2010

fund schools not war - protest

Day of education protests ...
"Thousands of students rallied today at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University and many other schools across the Bay Area and beyond, expressing anger and frustration over the decline in funding for California's beleaguered public education system."


  1. I remember when I was at San Jose State University. Students For Justice did a "Books Not Bombs" protest to protest the war in Iraq.

    I'm glad I graduated when I did in 2004. I thought budget cuts and tuition increases were bad back then. I had no friggin' idea.

  2. HEY POLITICIANS IN SACRAMENTO DON'T MESS AROUND WITH OUR EDUCATION! Anyways, that was a very great turnout today at City Hall, I heard there was over ~2000 people there today (maybe more) this time and age it sickens me that we are funding prisons instead of schools...

  3. I definitely support funding schools not war.

  4. For sure Schools before war.

  5. Such a shame, such a shame!!!

    (Anyway...It has been a looooooong time Ursel. Hope you're doing fine), XXX, Carmie.